Spray Tanning

It is now common knowledge that traditional tanning and sun bed treatments are harmful to health. As a result, spray tanning is now one of the most sought-after beauty treatments in Canada. In this course, you will learn how to take advantage of this development by acquiring the skills you need to pursue a career in this field.

During this course, you will become familiar with the equipment used by tanning technicians, the techniques used to apply tanning solution, how to prepare clients in advance of their treatment and how to prolong a tan.

Good technique is essential, but spray tan technicians also need to be mindful of health and safety legislation. You will explore the steps you must take to comply with Canadian law, including the Health & Safety at WorkSafeBC.

Our spray tanning course is accredited making it an insurable certificate which allows you to use this treatment on the general public and charge for this service. This course is open to complete beginners or existing estheticians, no previous experience required to attend. We provide everything for training but KIT not included 


You Will Learn:

  • How spray tanning works and why it is now a popular beauty treatment.

  • Why all spray tanning technicians need to be mindful of health and safety legislation.

  • How to ensure your own safety and that of your clients.

  • How the skin is structured, how it functions and the most common skin diseases seen by dermatologists and beauty therapists.

  • Contraindications to spray tanning that make treatment inadvisable under any circumstance, and contraindications to tanning that may be negotiated.

  • How to undertake a client consultation, keep client records and build a strong professional relationship with a client.

  • How to prepare a client for a spray tan and how to select the correct concentration of tanning solution.

  • How to operate a portable spray tanning machine, how to maintain it and how to choose the best machine for your business needs.

  • How to prevent and resolve the most common problems associated with spray tanning.

  • How to provide aftercare to clients who have received a spray tan treatment.

Benefits Of Taking This Course

  • You will gain a solid grounding in the skills and knowledge you need to build a career as a self-employed mobile tanning technician.

  • You will be familiar with the practical and legal aspects of running a spray tan business.

  • Obtain a recognized certification when completing the course, which will improve your career prospects.