InLei® Adiutrix Display | Lash & Brow Growth Serum 9PC


InLei® Adiutrix eyelash and brow serums are created from advanced plant-based technologies which stimulate the lengthening of the hair, give volume and enhance the shine of the entire hair structure. 
Suggested Retail $80 + each

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A fantastic boost for eyelash and brow growth created exclusively with safe and certified ingredients: it is, in fact, free of medicinal components that could be harmful to the eye. Its effectiveness was tested through Long Term test, which proved the results with constant use twice daily for at least 30 days. The difference is also visible to the naked eye: eyelashes and eyebrows appear visibly thicker and give a more intense look.

Innovative features

InLei® Adiutrix is ​​based on two active ingredients

  • REBALANCING Complex: penetrating deeply, it rebalances the follicular cycle of the hair favouring the development of longer and thicker hairs - obtained from a concentrate of mung bean sprouts and red clover;
  • VOLUMIZING Complex: molecules that hydrate the structure and smooth the hair's surface, increasing its volume - based on rice amino acids and fermented date extract.


Spread the product on the lashes and eyebrows, stroking each hair from the root to the tip. Use morning and evening on clean hair. Make a swipe from the bottom to the other; repeat a second time if the lashes/eyebrows are thick. Once applied, let the product dry for a few moments.

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