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InLei® Lash Filler & Brow Bomber 3 Day Combo Course


The perfect combination for all things InLei®! Take both the Lash Filler and Brow Bomber courses consecutively and receive the Mini Wax course add-on for FREE! 

Lash Filler Course:

Lash Lift (Filler) Course with revolutionary InLei® Products. Course includes a complete kit that will get you through your first 35+ Clients. No other product on the market can match InLei®'s quality and testing to ensure and protect the health of your client's eyes and eyelashes.

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Brow Bomber Course:

BROW BOMBER (Brow Lamination) is an innovative, revolutionary- professional treatment, exclusively for the eyebrows and intended to make the hair of the eyebrow obedient, soft, silky and styled. ⁣

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Mini Wax Course Add-On (FREE):

This course is intended as an ADD-ON to the Brow Bomber Course only. Designed to help students taking the Brow Bomber Course who do not have experience with hard wax, or waxing and shaping brows in general.

You will learn the fundamentals of using InLei® Sensitive Hard Wax, which was made specifically for eyebrow hairs and skin sensitivity. It is made to synergize with the brow bomber treatment to create the perfect brow service for your client. 

This course will always run in the afternoon of the second day of the Brow Bomber Course. You will be required to bring in a model. 

Included in the Mini Wax Course is the InLei® Hard Wax, Wax Pot and Brow Waxing Sticks.

For more information regarding our course policies, please review our Terms and Conditions under the heading "TRAINING COURSES - TERMS & CONDITIONS".

Once purchased, courses are non-refundable.

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