InLei® MiAmi | Eye Contour Cream

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InLei® MiAmi eye contour cream with lifting effect.

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Ladies and gentlemen it’s a great pleasure to introduce to you our brand new eye contour cream with lifting effect. It has a rich and creamy formula but its light texture can be easily absorbed. It’s indicated for all skin types and all ages. It can be used as a refreshing step after InLei® Lash Filler treatment but also as part of your daily skincare.


How InLei® MiAmi was born

Our eye contour cream was born after years of development among tests, trials and formulation experiments. It stems from the need to propose to lamimakers a pleasant step to end the Lash Filler treatment, something which is able to relax the eyelids and all of the eye contour. The very first feature of this product is its light and non-oily formulation, that soothes the eye contour without making it greasy. Later we thought to enforce its functions by adding some anti-age ingredients. We added peptides to make the skin more tonic, compact and levigated. The anti-age action has been proved by several tests, but we will talk about this topic in the following paragraphs. When we first started testing the InLei® MiAmi cream formula, our main aim was to create a top quality product: we have never stopped until we made it!


How to apply and when to use

This product is indicated for all ages and it’s ideal for all skin types including the most sensitive type. It should be applied with circular movements until full absorbment and it is important to avoid direct contact with eyes.

If used as a finale treatment after Lash Filler, also known as eyelash lamination, the lash artist has to spread it all over the eyelids and the eye contour. It will immediately refresh and relax the eyelid stress due to the just ended work.

For those who want to add this product to their daily skincare routine, it has to be applied morning and evening on clear skin. To obtain the best results and a visible anti-age effect, we suggest to use it constantly and continuously.

Dermatologically tested

15 ML


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