Island Henna

Island Henna - Earthy Brown

Earthy Brown:
Perfect for clients who want a medium, warm brown with a neutral finish. Versatile shade and suitable for most clients.


Why Island Henna?

  • Bio tattoo staining effect that lasts up to 9 days on the skin and up to 2.5 months on the hair
  • Repairs and improves the brow condition by up to 60%
  • Colour remains stable for consistent and reliable results
  • Aluminized bottle preserves the product much longer than other containers
  • Easy tap spout lets you get the exact amount you need (no more waste!)
  • Vegan-friendly, and never tested on animals


There are 10 shades in the Island Henna Collection. For the best deal on the full collection, check out our Island Henna Brow Kit.

Warm Shades:
- Bamboo Blonde (1)
- Burnt Blonde (3)

Cool/Neutral Shades:
- Coconut Blonde (2)
- Olive Blonde (4)
- Palm Brown (5)
- Sandy Brown (6)
- Earthy Brown (7)
- Sunset Brown (8)
- Shady Brown (9)
- Coffee Brown (10)

*The numbers represent the shades from lightest to darkest, with 1 being the lightest and 10 being the darkest.

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