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Portable Hand Held Fan

Colour: Pink

Portable Hand Held Fan

Electric Fan USB Fan Child Hand Fan Foldable Portable Rechargeable Mini Fan


1. One-button switch: intelligent button control, easy to operate.

2. Foldable: Folding multi-function, can be hand-held, can be placed on the desktop, with mobile phone holder function, light weight, small and portable.

3. Three-speed wind speed adjustment: three-speed wind speed, smooth wind speed, smooth shifting, large wind volume design, larger air volume and more concentration.

4. Long service life: It can be used as needed. It doesn't have to wait until the battery is stuck, so it can help to extend the battery life.

5. Strong wind: 6-leaf design, uniform and dense cutting airflow, 30° slanting cyclone structure design, creating a stronger wind

6. Low noise operation: 40-63db low noise operation, does not affect your work and sleep.


  • Fan leaf material: Plastic + silicone + electrical original

  • Charging time: 5-7 hours

  • Charging input voltage: 5V

  • Speed control mode: Three speed control

  • Size: 76*30*156mm



  • 1. The switch button is located on the front, there are three wind speed adjustments, and the cyclic pressure adjusts the wind and the switch.

  • 2.Micro USB is the charging input port of this machine. When charging, it will turn red. When the battery is full, it will automatically turn green.

  • 3. When the battery is in a state of power, directly open the switch to use.



  • 1* Mini electric fan

  • 1* USB charging cable

  • One-button switch

  • Folding multi-function

  • Long service life

  • Strong wind

  • Low noise operation

  • Three-speed wind speed adjustment

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