Customize Colour with InLei® Tints (an InLei® tint colour guide)

As you know by now, we LOVE InLei®.  And while we talk a lot about Brow Bomber and Lash Filler, InLei® makes a bunch of other cool products, too.

One of the products lines we adore is their line of lash and brow tints. Some of the colours seem a little "out there," but are actually super helpful to customize the perfect shade. Plus, all the InLei® tints can be mixed in varying ratios to really let the artist in you shine. 

So to help you branch beyond the typical brown and black, we thought we'd break down each colour and why you'd use it.


But first, let's talk about the tints in general. InLei® tints are effective in results but gentle on the skin. Rich in plant-based waxes, the special formula sinks deep into lash and brow hair and creates intense, lasting shades. They're so effective, they last 6-8 weeks!

Pair tints with InLei® Developer Cream for even better results, as the cream helps create consistent application.

Better yet, InLei® tints are specifically designed to be used with the in InLei® Lash Filler treatments, so you get amazing lift AND amazing colour.

Blue Night

blue night tint

Let's start with the lesser known colours first! Blue Night is a rich, deep blue that works best for eyelashes. Blue can be great for lashes to give them even more colour depth and a subtle pop. Works best on naturally lighter lashes (blonde/light brown). 



Silver is great for platinum blondes because it's cool toned. Use it for a few minutes to create subtle coolness, or use it to cool down other colours. The longer you leave it, the darker it gets—so often less is more.



Combine red with other colours to warm them up, or bleach brows then use red to create a funky + individual look.



Chestnut is a darker warm colour that achieves a deep brown. It's great for redheads or anyone how has darker hair but wants a warmer brow.



Cappuccino is a warm, very light shade that is *perfect* for strawberry blondes and other fair-haired friends.


Light Brown

This shade delivers exactly what it promises: a light brown neutral tone. Use it on your light blonde to light brown haired clients for the perfect match.



This catch-all tone will get darker the longer you leave it on, making it a great and totally customizable option. Leave it for a full 12 minutes to get a really dark brown with good staining on the skin.


Shiny Black

This is a deep + dark, brilliant black with shiny result. It has a purple undertone to it, so it's usually used for lashes over brows. 



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