InLei® Adiutrix Lash and Brow Serum. A lash and brow growth serum that is not like any other on the market!


Serums designed to enhance the appearance of your lashes and brows are hardly novel, and until recently, they all looked, felt, and performed similarly. However, a rival has just emerged. Adiutrix by InLei® is a game-changer in the world of brow and lash serums; the InLei® team tried eighteen different formulas before landing on the one that works best. We figured we'd put together a quick FAQ-style blog article to fill you in on all you need to know about InLei® Adiutrix and other lash and brow serums.

Can I combine Adiutrix and Fashion Lash?

As you may have guessed, they serve a dual purpose:

  • The primary benefits of InLei® Adiutrix serum are enhanced hair growth (in terms of thickness, length, and health)
  • InLei® Fashion lash prevents from external elements, makes hairs more lustrous and helps to correctly align/fix lashes and brows
    It should be used in this specific order.

Apply Adiutrix to clean hairs, wait until the product is fully absorbed, and then apply Fashion Lash as a protective layer. Wait a few minutes until it dries and then you can apply the Frida mascara as a final touch!

Does it also benefit those with cancer?

Natural elements stimulate the hair bulb with InLei® Adiutrix. It has only been tested on healthy people (we have not yet had the opportunity to test it on these specific cases), but it will also be effective on these individuals. Once the individual is cured and returns to live his/her life by resuming his/her biological rhythms, the hair will begin to regrow, and InLei Adiutrix will aid in this process. Obviously, age and other personal circumstances play a role.

By how much % does it lengthen or thicken the hairs?

Adiutrix efficacy has been tested with a LONG TERM test performed on 20 woman and they guarantee thicker and longer hairs, but this test did not include the calculation of the exact percentage by which the eyelashes/brows got longer.

STAY TUNED because further more in-depth tests are already underway!

Where did the idea for the name Adiutrix come from?

"Adiutrix" is a Latin word which means partner, accomplice. It reflects exactly what this serum should be: a daily helper for your lashes and brows!

Does it simply influence hair length, or does it also affect the thickness and volume of eyelashes and eyebrows?

It is not just about the length, if Adiutrix is used consistently, the lashes will be visibly thicker, more elastic, health and voluminous!

What is the most crucial component of this serum's formulation?

There are numerous items of this sort on the market, and it was necessary for us to evaluate them when developing our own product. The primary issue is that these items frequently contain pharmaceutical substances (which in fact cause side effects that are harmful to eye and hair health). We guarantee that our product includes only allowed cosmetic ingredients and that it has passed all testing mandated by the European cosmetics regulation. Furthermore, its efficacy is clinically proven!

Do your eyes feel foggy after using it, or is it a common side effect with similar products?

With Adiutrix, your eyes won't feel hazy at all. Obviously, there are uncontrollable variables, such as individual intolerances, and it's important to use the product exactly as directed in the leaflet (so it must be applied on eyelashes and eyebrows without putting it in the eyes). Finally, we'd like to stress that Adiutrix successfully passed the eye irritation test, which was conducted to ensure that, in the unlikely event of accidental eye contact, the product would not cause any irritation.

Does the serum contain Bimatoprost or this ingredient hidden under another name?

InLei® Adiutrix does not contain Bimatoprost neither other medicinal ingredients. 

Which stage of hair growth is the serum designed to enhance?

Our testing have proved that it is effective on all hair types, from the shortest to the longest. Therefore, it operates on the hairs in each growth phase, resulting in healthier, stronger, and more elastic eyelashes overall. Smaller hairs grow and thicken at a faster rate than average, but longer hairs can grow beyond the length/thickness maximum they would ordinarily attain.

How long does this effect last after I stop using it?

When you stop using Adiutrix, the effect gradually wears off. Since it contains no medicinal ingredients, it does not cause premature hair loss so it can be used for a long time without suspending its use. It is not harmful. Unlike common medicinal-based serums, Adiutrix does not cause side effects.

Can Adiutrix be used on pregnant women?

Adiutrix is a purely cosmetic product, thus its usage is not contraindicated and it does not impact pregnancy.

Obviously, it is vital to determine if the woman has any personal intolerances; if she does not exhibit any intolerances or allergies, she can take the product without issue.

Can Adiutrix be used with eyelash extensions?

Our serum contains no oily components, thus it can also be utilized with eyelash extensions. Obviously, only natural hair will absorb it, so please keep in mind that it is vital (as usual for those who have extensions) to use the InLei® Mousse at least once per day to remove makeup and reduce impurities. It is necessary to prevent product accumulation on synthetic fibres.