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Luminary Nail System Q & A's

What Is Multi-Flex Gel?

Luminary's Multi-Flex Gel is a soft gel with the strength of acrylic and flexibility of hard gel that has real staying power. It is a universal base product, builder gel, overlay gel, and extension gel, meaning you need one product to create a beautiful structured manicure, cutting down on time and money spent on multiple products. Because of Multi-Flex's semi-hard formula, it can be soaked off or backfilled, giving nail tech's all the flexibility they need in one product. Beyond all of that, Multi-Flex lasts 2-3x as long as other products.

Why Will My Clients Want Luminary?

Our gel is a self-leveling and medium viscosity, meaning it is both easy to apply and effortless to create a beautiful apex.  Even better, it can be used by both techs who e-file and who hand-file. Multi-Flex gel adds value to your service menu - it lasts 2-3x as long as other gel products, meaning that you can space clients out further, add more clients to your books and charge more per service (the typical up-charge reported to us by techs is $10). There is no lifting or chipping with proper application, and the product never has to be removed (simply fill or rebalance the nail). Our product also saves time and cuts down on expenses - if your client loves the colour, you've saved the time you would have spent applying gel polish. It is a universal base coat, builder gel, overlay gel, and extension gel all in one, making it a truly versatile product! Multi-Flex can be used for overlays, manicures, structured manicures, can be used to create extensions, performs well over tips and full coverage gel tips, works great with forms, can be used to adhere gems or crystals - the possibilities are truly endless!

Recommended Application Method

You can watch this entire process on our YouTube Channel, where Luminary Founder Kelly VanDahl, Master Educator Tara Robinson and special guests teach you all you need to know! 

1. Prep the nail properly (perform cuticle work, file down product, etc.) 

2. Apply a coat of "Commit" Primer if you are planning on filing down and filling. If you plan on soaking off at the next service, you can apply Commit to the free edge or not at all, your choice. This gel has great adhesion on its own, but each client has individual needs, so experimentation may be necessary if you do not want to use primer.

3. Apply a thin base layer of Multi-Flex and cure for 60 sec. LED (2 Min UV)

4. Apply a thin layer of Multi-Flex. Do not cure.

5. Grab a bead of gel. (we recommend using a jar along with your 10ml to make this easier. You can buy them empty. Do NOT apply too thick.

6. Float the product onto the nail, letting it melt into the layer you just laid down. Grab more product with your brush as needed. You could also do a few thin layers. 

7. Turn your clients hand upside down, let the gel self level into a perfect arch (move with a detail brush as necessary)

8. Turn the hand back over, let the gel settle, check your line of light, and then immediately have their hand go flat into the light for the PULSE setting followed by a full 60 sec. LED cure (120sec UV, 120s. gradual cure) Multi-Flex cures best in our PULSE. While other high quality lights on the market may work just fine, we only officially support and recommend the PULSE as it was designed with our product in mind. Please replace your LED curing light every year or as needed by proper testing, see HERE

9. Apply gel polish (see our gel polish tab for more info)

10. Apply Empower No Wipe Top Coat (60 sec. LED) Now, if you feel the need to finish file after you've applied Multi-Flex, you can do so. You'll need to cleanse the nail with 99% isopropyl alcohol beforehand and after to remove dust before top coat or gel polish. If you do remove the inhibition/sticky/tacky layer to finish file, be careful with hybrid polishes like OPI or Shellac. You'll want to replace this by doing a very very thin layer of Multi-Flex, then curing, OR you can do a layer of Commit (don't cure) then apply the hybrid gel.

*Make sure to wear gloves while doing any chemical nail service*

Applying to Short Nails w/ Master Educator Tara Robinson 

Applying to Long Nails w/ Luminary Founder Kelly VanDahl 


What Is The Difference Between The Product In The Jar And Bottle?

There is no difference in product in the jar and product in the bottle. Multi-Flex Gel comes in 10ml polish bottles, 30ml refills, and in 5gram jars. Jars can be purchased empty on their own, in Color Bundles, and in Diamond Pro Kits, or full in Starter Kits.

What Curing Lamp Should I Use?

We strongly suggest that you consider using our LED Light, PULSE.  

As a nail professional, it is of utmost importance that you use professional grade products. Not only for the reputation of your business but for the health and safety of your clients. We understand that there are cheaper alternatives available on the market but the number 1 cause of allergies in our industry today is improper curing and that most often comes from poor quality lights with inconsistent power. As a company that cares we ask that you only use a professional quality lamp that has scientifically tested bulbs. Please test your LED light every 3 months to ensure a proper cure, see HERE

LED Lights | Why are they so important?

PURCHASE Pulse by Luminary HERE

Can I Do Gel Manicures, Overlay And Use With Tips?

Multi-Flex Gel can be used for manicures or gel overlays, and performs beautifully with tips, forms and full coverage gel tips. It also can be used to adhere gems, crystals and other decorative accents for months. If you're using Clarity to secure your nail accents, rest assured they will not be coming off our clients' nails until you take them off!

Do I have to Use A Primer

No, however, if you are doing a soak-off gel manicure we at least recommend you used our primer "Commit" to the tips and free edge of the nail. Something to keep in mind is that every single client is different. Some may need a primer, while others may not depending on their body chemistry. If you are using Multi-Flex as an enhancement and would like to fill your clients, then you will need to use Commit. We recommend 2 coats of Commit before gel application for enhancements. If your client tends to lift, then you can do two coats of Commit and cure the second layer of primer for a few seconds to warm it up. This will make it tackier and will adhere the gel to the product better, reducing changes of them lifting.

Heat spikes, in a nutshell, are an exothermic reaction created by the gel hardening under the curing lamp and are experienced with most hard and building gels. They are normal and do not occur with every client; they tend to vary based on that clients' unique body chemistry.

Heat spikes can be explained to clients as the reaction created by the lamp when it cures and hardens the gel product. They can be greatly minimized by using our light, PULSE with our exclusive light control technology to virtually eliminate the heat spike. 

How To Prevent Lifting & Chipping

The best way to prevent Multi-Flex from lifting and chipping is by applying Commit before application and make sure your application is thick enough as well as properly balanced. If your client is a known lifter, you can apply two coats and warm the second layer up in your curing lamp (cure for 5-10 seconds). This will make the primer tackier and helps gel adhere better.

Next, file the free edge after you apply the gel. Filing after instead of before not only prevents you from doing a ton of filing, but makes the nails much stronger. If you need to do significant reshaping or take down a lot of the length, then obviously do some filing before. Otherwise, file and take down length AFTER you've applied the gel. Then, the key to preventing lifting and taking down thickness is to bevel the free edge. You'll take a file and file at a 45 degree angle to blend together the free edge and the product, strengthening the nails.

Above all, a professional grade lamp is essential for properly curing product.  

Is This Product Good For Nail Biters?

Many nail techs use Luminary to rehab clients' who come to them with short, bitten nails, or nails that have been damaged by other techs using careless techniques and cheap, poor quality product. Our product has been proven to help kick this habit!

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