Reliable Brow & Lash Products, 100% Guaranteed

Picture this: you’ve got an eager client looking for a makeover. You’re ready to help them with all things brows, or maybe all things lashes.  You sit down to do a brow lamination, or a lash lift and… nothing. The product doesn’t set, the results you usually get didn’t happen, and you’re left with a mediocre result. Not to mention the embarrassment in front of your client.

Sound familiar? Yeah, us too.

What we know is that a lot of the products available in the Canadian market aren’t always effective or reliable. You can do everything right, but if your product isn’t on point, you’ll still get just average results. Not to mention that some products still contain sodium bromate, which is banned in Canada because it’s a known carcinogen—and you definitely don’t want to be exposing your clients and students to that.

After years of feeling frustrated with ‘meh’ product performance, our main goal during the Covid shutdown was to source a brow lamination and a lash lift product that was reliable. Products that we could guarantee would work every. single. time. 


Enter InLei®. 

We’re not exaggerating when we say it’s the best line of products we’ve ever tried. This Italian-made brand has been used in Europe for the last five years, and we were so impressed that we brought it into Canada as the first and only authorized reseller in the country. So what makes it so great?


InLei® Brow Bomber is a professional eyebrow reshaping treatment which, unlike brow lamination, aims to actually nourish the hair, too. A delicate perming, dyeing, and hair nourishing treatment, it actually thickens and conditions the brow hair.


InLei® Lash Lift actually improves the condition and health of natural lashes while it lifts and curls. It’s the only treatment in the world that is clinically proven to thicken the hair (24% over just three sessions!). 

Truly revolutionary products. Amazing, reliable results. None of the icky stuff. 

We’ve seen firsthand how much better InLei® products work, and we know that you’ll love them just as much as we do. We are extremely excited & honoured to be the official Canadian representatives of this amazing brand!  Follow us @vanislebeautyco and shop our products and try them out for yourself.