NEW: Complete Collection of InLei® Brushes

Artistry just got easier! InLei® now has a brush for every need.

The collection of InLei® brushes has officially expanded from 3 to 9, making our professional collection even more complete. Now every lash & brow professional has a specific bristle shape for every type of work. All of the InLei® brushes are made in Italy with only the highest quality raw materials. The handles are made from birch and they’ve been coated with a double layer of siliconised acrylic for ultimate durability and a sleek look. The nickel-plated brass ferrule with double choke guarantees maximum firmness of the bristles, which remain in place even after many uses.

 Meet the brushes!

Its rounded tip is perfect for washing the lashes. The softness and shape of the bristles have been specially calibrated to have a lightweight brush that can thoroughly clean the entire eye area.

Known as the "multitasking" brush! You can use it in a variety of situations, such as cleaning the lash line or inserting Filler3 into thicker hairs. Its best talent, however, is to help you to outline dye contours in an unparalleled way. It defines, corrects and aligns edges like no other brush can!

It's the lamimakers’ dream: try it for applying InLei® Form1 and Fix2 on lashes, you won’t be able to live without it again! Its tip creates a line of the ideal width with the product, it is so precise it will look like a drawn line.

Ultra-thin and ultra-precise: try it for applying InLei® Form1 and Fix2 when you need to create a very very thin line of product (such as during a men's lash lamination).

The eyebrow brush you've always wanted! It helps to apply dye with unbeatable precision, creating sharp, defined lines for an even more professional result.

Have you always desired to obtain the perfect lash positioning on the shield within a few minutes? It is finally possible thanks to the InLei® Tiziano brush! Try it to believe.

A cat's tongue brush with a highly functional and practical design for applying perming solutions during the Lash Filler treatment. It is precise and with a bristle shape specially tailored to apply the products evenly and meticulously.

The great classic for flawless eyebrows. Highly recommended for applying dye to the eyebrow, its bristles have the optimal length to envelop each hair and allow you to reach even the skin for a long-lasting result.

The historic straight-cut brush born to apply Filler 3 to the lashes and to make it penetrate until it is completely absorbed. Its ultra-soft bristles are designed to touch the skin around the roots without creating any discomfort. Its precise and fine tip ensures total control during application.