Lames de dermaplaning en acier inoxydable #10R Swann Morton | Beurre Baldes

Lames de dermaplaning en acier inoxydable #10R Swann Morton | Beurre Baldes

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Les lames de dermaplaning en acier inoxydable Swann Morton # 10R sont également appelées "lame à beurre", le 10R peut être utilisé dans les procédures esthétiques "Dermaplaning", qui aide à "finir" les couches supérieures de la peau grâce à une méthode de grattage chirurgical contrôlé qui exfolie le épiderme. Une lame plus courte et plus arrondie est idéale pour pénétrer dans des zones plus petites et plus restreintes du visage. De plus, la pointe ronde (bull nose) empêche les accrocs ou les rayures accidentels, offrant ainsi une finition plus efficace et cohérente. Le dermaplaning peut être effectué sur de petites zones de peau ou sur tout le visage et peut être utilisé seul ou en conjonction avec d'autres procédures telles qu'un peeling chimique, une microdermabrasion ou une lumière fluorescente pulsée (FPL).

Le dermaplaning, lorsqu'il est effectué avant d'autres traitements, peut éliminer le duvet de pêche, qui peut piéger l'excès de saleté et d'huile. Les lames conviennent aux poignées 3, 3L, 3 graduées, 5B, 7, 9 et B3.

Achetez des lames emballées individuellement (stériles) en paquets de 25 ou une boîte de 100.

A shorter, more rounded blade is ideal for getting into smaller, more restricted areas of the face. In addition, the round (bull nose) tip prevents accidental snagging or scratching, thus providing a more effective and consistent finish. Dermaplaning can be performed on small areas of skin or the entire face and can be used alone or in conjunction with other procedures such as a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, or pulsed fluorescent light (FPL).

10R blades are the most popular choice for exfoliating the skin and removing fine vellus hair, often referred to as 'peach fuzz'. To use these blades, start by cleaning and drying your skin thoroughly. Hold the blade at a 45-degree angle and gently glide it across your skin, using short, feathery strokes. Be sure to avoid sensitive areas such as the eyes and lips. After dermaplaning, apply a soothing moisturizer to hydrate and calm the skin. Remember to always use a new, sterile blade for each dermaplaning session to maintain hygiene and effectiveness. The blades fit Handles 3, 3L, 3 Graduated, 5B, 7, 9, and B3.

1. Prepare the Skin: Cleanse and prepare the skin thoroughly before dermaplaning. Remove any makeup, oils, or debris to ensure a clean surface for the procedure.
2. Angle and Pressure: Hold the 10R blade at a 45-degree angle against the skin. Use gentle and controlled pressure to glide the blade across the skin, removing the vellus hair and dead skin cells. Avoid applying excessive pressure to prevent skin irritation or injury.
3. Direction: Always dermaplane in the direction of hair growth. This helps to achieve smoother results and minimize the risk of ingrown hairs.
4. Stretch the Skin: To create a taut surface, gently stretch the skin with your free hand while dermaplaning. This helps to provide a smoother glide and enhances precision.
5. Short Strokes: Use short, light strokes while dermaplaning. Avoid long strokes to maintain control and prevent accidental nicks or cuts.
6. Gradual Pressure: Apply gradual pressure with the 10R blade. Start with a light touch and increase the pressure slightly as you become more comfortable with the technique.
7. Clean the Blade: After each stroke, wipe the 10R blade clean with a sterile cotton pad or gauze. This helps to remove any buildup of removed hair or debris and ensures a smooth and effective dermaplaning process.
8. Hydrate and Protect: After dermaplaning, apply a soothing and hydrating serum or moisturizer to the treated skin. This helps to nourish and protect the skin barrier, promoting optimal healing and rejuvenation.
9. Dispose of Used Blades Safely: Once you have completed the dermaplaning session, safely dispose of the used 10R Swann Norton blades in a sharps container or a designated puncture-proof container. Follow proper disposal guidelines to ensure safety.

Remember, dermaplaning with 10R Swann Norton blades requires proper training and expertise. If you are not familiar with the technique, it is recommended to seek professional guidance before attempting it on yourself or others.

Purchase in Individually wrapped (Sterile) Blades in packs of 25 or a box of 100.

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