InLei® BROW BOMBER expert brow laminating method - Step by Step guide for the ultimate successful result- every time!


InLei® BROW BOMBER is a revolutionary professional eyebrow treatment that makes brow hair obedient, smooth, silky, and nourished. It is a treatment reserved for professional brow artists.

To be able to do the procedure correctly, you will need:

  • a professional course behind you

  • excellent products (from the InLei® Brow Bomber line of course, as our products are made to work in synergy with each other).

    Below is a step by step guide of how to perform the Brow Bomber lamination procedure.

  • Every artist is strongly encouraged to be trained by an InLei® Canada Representative. There is so much science and proper product practices that make this Lamination product unique in the business. Please contact us if you are looking for local trainers in your region.



1. Evaluate the brows and brush hairs with a silicone wand. Observing the natural growth and hair type. Determine what type of hair you are working with based on the hair porosity chart below.

2. Exfoliate if needed with InLei® Soft Peeling. Spread a tiny amount of product on the skin and massage for 15 seconds: Jojoba granules melt, removing impurities. Use a wet cotton pad to remove it. (do NOT use if the client has very oily or sensitive skin)

3. Cleanse the brows with InLei® Mousse. Use a silicone wand with zero pressure to gently cleanse away dirt, oil, makeup, etc. Remove with a damp cotton pad.

4. Apply 2-3 drops of InLei® Saline on a cotton pad and gently wipe the brows to prime and prep for the treatment.


5. Apply InLei® Lady Shield with a lint-free applicator or finger to spread it on the skin around the eyebrow. Wait 3–4 minutes, or until it is entirely or mostly absorbed, and then apply InLei® Brow Lift 

6. Apply a uniform layer of InLei® Brow Lift on all hairs using the Michelangelo Brush. Work in small areas- think of the brow in 3 sections and work carefully. *Once you have applied the solution, do not go back and adjust- it needs to sit and set. (Don't brush the eyebrows while this step is on.) Set individual timers for each brow. - Remove with a DRY cotton pad.

step 2 bb.JPG

7. Apply a small amount of InLei® Mister Fix on the end of a silicone brush. Imagine sectioning the brow and putting a small amount on dry hair in each section. To get the direction you want, brush the InLei® B-Brush slowly in the direction you want. Focus on the rigid hairs in the brow. Add a little more Mister Fix or a small amount of water to change direction. (Mister Fix is a water-soluble glue- so its easily removed with water)

8. Apply a uniform layer of InLei® Brow Lock on all hairs using the Michelangelo Brush. Work in small areas- think of the brow in 3 sections and work carefully. *Once you have applied the solution, do not go back and adjust- it needs to sit and set. (Don't brush the eyebrows while this step is on.) Set individual timers for each brow. - Remove with a DAMP cotton pad. (Use dry and than damp and then dry cotton pad again to ensure that all Mister Fix is removed from the hairs before tinting)


step 4 bb.JPG

9. Map the brows using the InLei® Brow Thread and InLei® Brow Ruler.


10. Apply desired tint shade to brows- Mix in 1:1 proportions with the InLei® Developer in the InLei® Solo or Trio Dish. Apply using the InLei® Michelangelo Brush- timing depends on how dark the client likes their brows. 6-12 minutes is the length you would normally do without a lamination treatment- the tint will react a LOT faster after the lamination, so decrease time by half or until you have achieved the desired result. -Remove with a damp cotton pad or q-tip.

step 5 bb.JPG
  1. Prepare the InLei® Tint (read the package insert for the full tinting instructions). Please only use the InLei® Developer with our tint. Our developer is 1.5% compared to most North American brands of 3%. 1.5% is much more gentle on the brow hair. DO NOT pre-mix and let the tint sit to develop. InLei Tints need to be mixed and used right away. The colour will change once oxidization occurs.

  2. Place the tint on the eyebrows accurately and precisely, leave on for 6-12 min- covering every hair. The application time depends on the type of hair to be coloured. At the end of the time, remove the tint with a dry cotton pad.

  3. For a three-dimensional (gradual) effect it is recommended to remove the dye from the beginning of the eyebrow 1-2 minutes earlier than the rest of the arch. 

11. Remove unnecessary hairs with the help of InLei® Sensitive Wax & InLei® Tweezers.


12. Comb the eyebrows with a brush and apply InLei® Bomber 3. Leave it on for 30 seconds, after which you can brush the brows in the desired shape. The client can leave with Brow Bomber 3 on; you can remove the access sheen by dabbing with a tissue.

step 6.JPG

13. Aftercare: InLei® Fashion Lash and Brow should be suggested to every client for aftercare. Aftercare is extremely important to keep the brows soft, silky, and easy to manage after the treatment.


1)Fashion Lash: Not JUST a gel.. 👏🏼👏🏼

• Sculpts and positions the lashes and/or eyebrows in the desired direction.
• Contains luminescent properties extracted from the mullein flower to make your lashes shiny.
• Even though the product has gel consistency, it leaves lashes soft and silky.
• Protects from external factors, such as mascara and makeup, by creating a barrier.
• The extra soft bristles spread the fixing conditioner gently and smoothly, aligning the lash and brow hairs in the same direction while covering hairs from root to tip with the product.
• The lash structure is being improved thanks to the highly nourishing, moisturizing and emollient properties of aloe vera, castor oil and panthenol.

Essential for daily use.
Protects the work that has just been done!
It’s just like using moisturizer on your face or conditioner in your hair!
Eyebrows need to be protected just like you do with your hair.
Used immediately at the end of the treatment.

2) To maintain an optimal and long-lasting treatment result, we recommend the daily use of InLei® Mousse. It does not allow the product and dye to wash off the hair. It cleanses gently while keeping the scales of the hair clean and smooth. In addition, InLei® mousse is a refreshing mousse that gently cleanses the eye contour, eyelashes, eyebrows and the entire face.