Let's begin by explaining that microblading, microstroking or eyebrow embroidery, as it's sometimes known, is an artistic treatment. You'll need patience, skill and a lot of practice to become a really good microblading artist. The best microblading course can help to speed the process but there is no substitute for dedication to your craft and time spent refining the skills that you learn in the microblading class.

Course content:

Theory will be carried out prior to attending the practical course.  This will be done with manuals and videos and include:

  • Health & safety

  • Structure of the skin and skin tones

  • Allergies and contra-indications

  • Skin diseases and disorders

  • Understanding pigments

  • Understanding colours

  • Brow shapes and brow mapping

  • Different hair stroke patterns

  • Client consultation

  • Understanding different microblade tools and needles

Practical itinery:

Day 1: will include going thru the workbook, mapping, drawing techniques and work on fake skin

Day 2: Colour theroy, practice on fake skins

Day 3: Morning you will work on client #1 and Afternoon you will work on client #2

Case studies

Following the course you will be expected to carry out 5 case studies in your own time with client consultation paperwork and treatment records + before and after pictures.  Your case study portfolio will be presented to the academy and form part of the assessment process.

You will receive post training support and mentoring by email, text or phone for as long as you require it.