InLei® Crab Claw Tweezers


High-quality STAINLESS STEEL tweezers with a thin “crab” tip - perfect for extremely precise work. A unique shape designed to obtain excellent results guarantees the maximum comfort level.

  • 100% Made in Italy
  • extreme precision
  • Excellent for thinning out the eyebrow and defining the shape
  • autoclavable
  • length: 95 mm.

The experience of the InLei® Brow Masters led us once again to create a super powerful tool starting from the major needs encountered in the sector.
The crab tips are perfect for thinning out the eyebrow, cleaning shorter and ingrown hairs, and defining the lower line. After several prototypes and performance tests, we found the perfect shape and studied down to the last detail to pluck both the thinnest and the thickest hairs, from the longest to the shortest one. The perfectly aligned tips make the clean-up more accessible and their shape is ideal for targeted work on small areas.

They help you to pluck that specific hair you were aiming for, that one hair for which the classic tip would be too wide and would risk pulling out too many hairs!
It is lightweight but resistant, with a safe and non-slip structure. These tweezers are 100% made in Italy with meticulous work that includes manual sharpening of the tips, guaranteeing a firm and precise closure.
The material is of the highest quality: AISI 430 STAINLESS STEEL, corrosion-resistant and autoclavable (respecting the standard criteria for the sterilization of stainless steel)

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