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Eyelash Glue, Pigment or Nail Polish Shaker

Color: White

Only 2 pieces in stock!

Perfect mixer for your eyelash adhesive, nail polishes or colour pigments. This device will shake the liquids side to side instead of up and down to ensure the product does not get stuck in the nozzle.

Comes with 1 Electric Shaker, 2 different adapter sizes and 6 different silicone heads designed to fit any adhesive, nail polish or pigment colour.

How to Use:

  1. Insert the connecting shaft to the mixer before use. 
  2. Choose the right size silicone sleeve.
  3. Insert the glue bottle cover into the silicone sleeve.
  4. Press the switch, the device will vibrate which will shake the glue.
  5. Once shaken for your desired time remove the product from the silicone sleeve.

Requires AAA batteries. Batteries not included. 

Product Size(about): 13 x 4 cm

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