Fashion Lash Counter Display Refill (12pcs)


Already have the Fashion Lash counter display? Re-use your display by refilling it with this perfect 12 piece pack!

InLei® FASHION LASH - Lash Fix


An invisible friend that guarantees great results! InLei® FASHION LASH fixes lashes and brows in the desired position shaping them and making them perfectly aligned. Thanks to the "Luminecine" ingredients it makes the hair shiny, alive, natural and soft to the touch.

This is the final and most important step in the Lash Filler and Brow Bomber treatment. A must-have for your clients to go home with for a "At Home Treatment". You must inform clients on how important aftercare really is! Pairs well with the Frida Mascara.

Suggested Retail $50-80 each

  • If used after the InLei® LASH FILLER treatment, it helps to extend the duration of the effect.
  • Protects from external factors, low-quality drying mascara and make-up by creating a barrier (Use with Frieda Mascara for best results)
  • It makes your lashes bright
  • Use on brows to protect tinted eyebrows during the summer months. Helps with discolouration.
  • Add a moisturizing effect in cold, dry winter months.
  • Enriched with nutrients that support ultimate lash growth and health.
  • Thanks to the "luminescence" ingredient that exploits the luminescent properties of the verbasco flower.
  • Made in Italy
  • Safe to use on Eyelash Extensions, especially Classic lashes. Please be mindful that if you were to use on hybrid, volume or mega volume lashes, it may result in closers of the fans if you use too much. If you are concerned, do not try on volume lashes.

Luminescine (key ingredient)

According to recent studies, some flowers are able to attract pollinating insects through particular communication signals based on the luminescence of petals. Luminescine (obtained from the Verbacum Flower)is an active ingredient able to absorb sunbeams and transforms them into a new source of light, generated directly on the skin or on hairs (depending on where the ingredients is used). It has a high ability to increase brightness.  

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