InLei® Brow Lock 2 Bottle


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InLei® BROW BOMBER treatment is a revolutionary professional treatment, reserved for the eyebrows and intended to make the hair of the eyebrow arch obedient, soft, silky and filled.

The second InLei® solution "BROW LOCK 2" - fixing for eyebrows - perfectly interacts with the first solution "BROW LIFT 1".

How to use:

  1. It is used after the permanent InLei® "BROW LIFT 1" for eyebrows.

  2. Shape the eyebrows with InLei® MISTER FIX and the InLei® B-Brush.

  3. Place the hair in the desired shape and position.

  4. Spread InLei® “BROW LOCK 2” - fixing for eyebrows.

  5. Leave on for 5-8 minutes.

  6. Remove the product with a moistened cotton pad.

  7. Continue with the tinting.

Product Details: 

  • 100% Made in Italy

  • Airless bottle, zero waste dispenser

  • Contains ingredients for skin protection

  • Content: 30 ml (up to 35 treatments).

  • For professional use only. Carefully read the leaflet

  • PA0 3 months 


Do not experiment by combining different brands as this can lead to unpredictable results.

It is absolutely forbidden to use it on eyelashes as it can cause serious eye damage.

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