InLei® Minions | Microbrushes 100pcs


Small but essential for a professional lamimaker. In our tiffany green colour, the thin microfibre tip are specifically created to help in micro-work such as:

  • Degrease the eyelashes with InLei® Saline Pre-treatment before Lash Filler treatment.
  • Clean the roots (the line between the eyelashes) from glue and/or tint at the end of the treatment.
  • Adhere the grown-up to high lashes to the lid before attaching the shields.
  • Adjust the distance between the silicone shield and the eyelash line.
  • Define the tint in the edges during eyebrow tiniting. 

Have you checked out our Minion Pusher Container? Such a cute dispenser to store them in while keeping them clean and dust-free!

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