InLei® Mister Fix | Brow Bomber Adhesive


INLEI® MISTER FIX Mister Fix is the ideal water-soluble adhesive, specifically designed for brow laminating. For all eyebrow artists, it is a dream to work with. You should always apply Mister Fix after Lift 1 so that the hairs are pliable and can be moved and fixed into the ideal alignment.

How to Use:


Mister Fix, an Italian cosmetic product, positions eyebrow hairs during Brow Bomber treatment. Cosmetics are tested for skin contact.
Mister Fix was dermatologically evaluated on sensitive skin and found to be non-irritating and non-irritating in all participants.

InLei® Brow Bomber is becoming more popular, and eyebrow experts had unique demands that inspired us to build it. We created InLei® Mister Fix to meet brow artists' needs for a specific adhesive for the Brow Bomber treatment:
• Flexibility
• Longer drying time than InLei® Fixing Gel to better shape eyebrow hairs.
• Water-soluble, easy to remove.
• Formulation that allows perm substances to flow through and work on hair 
• Product that does not modify the formulation of perm solutions and colour and does not damage the end outcome
• Skin-friendly formula 
• Made in Italy quality
• Bottle that doses exactly and reduces waste 

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