InLei® RAFFAELLO | Professional Ultra-thin, Long Brush


InLei® RAFFAELLO is a special brush that was created for TRUE ARTISTS!
We created this brush with a tip that is incredibly tiny and ultra-precise to aid in all those unique and unusual situations when a traditional brush is ineffective.

Try it while using InLei® Form1 and Fix2 when you need to make a very thin product line (for instance, when laminating men's eyelashes). Use it, and you'll feel like a painter from the 1500s!

Product Details:

  • Water resistant

  • Brush Fibre: Synthetic 

  • Made in Italy 

Disinfection :

  • Wash the bristles with running water and neutral soap.
  • immerse the tip for 10-15 minutes in  InLei® F PLUS
  • rinse with water and dry very well with a cloth.

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