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InLei® "WAXY" Professional Wax Warmer


Professional wax warmer with lid, adjustable temperature and smart thermostat. Reliable,
convenient and compact. Small size, perfect for the needs of brow artists. Removable
aluminum pot with inner handle included in the package.

• Pot diameter: 78 mm
• Capacity of the pot: 200 ml
• Green light indicates that the temperature has been reached
• Smart thermostat that keeps the set temperature
• User manual included

InLei® wax warmer is made of heat-resistant ABS plastic and it has a 40 W power. 
Its small size allows you to work faster and to melt even small quantities in a short time.

Perfect for brow artists in association with InLei® Sensitive Wax.

The lid helps to keep the heat inside the heating pot, so it will warm up faster. The wax
warmer is adjustable to temperatures ranging from 30°C to 125°C. Once activated, the
red light indicates that the wax is heating, while the green light confirms that the set
temperature has been reached. The smart thermostat keeps the wax at the desired

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