InLei® Brow Bomber Kit | Brow Lamination


InLei® Brow Bomber tames unruly brow hair while making it soft and silky. Made in Italy and loved worldwide, Brow Bomber is the product line that you can use while your client is sitting up. Good bye runny mess, hello reliable results. Plus, it delivers it all without banned or harmful ingredients, which means both you and InLei® show up for your clients each and every time.

The Brow Bomber treatment is perfect for taming downward or crisscrossed brows, nourishing dry and brittle hair, and creating fuller brows for thin or over-plucked clients.

The InLei® Brow Bomber kit is the basic kit for Brow Laminations.

** MUST HAVE ITEMS that are not included in the kit are: InLei® Foaming Mousse Cleanser, Saline Solution, and Fashion Lash.

*InLei® products work a bit differently, and it's important that they're used correctly. We send you a mini session on what to do, so please read it all the way through.

 Our Basic InLei® Brow Lamination Kit includes:

  • InLei® Brow Lift 1 (Sachet or Bottles)

  • InLei®i Brow Lock 2 (Sachet or Bottles)

  • InLei® Brow Bomber 3 (Sachet or Bottles)

  • InLei® Mister Fix

  • InLei® B-Brushes (NEW!)

  • FREE 14-day Online Information Session*


Wanting to learn more? The InLei® Brow Bomber Course will teach you everything you need to know to effectively perform brow lamination treatments with InLei® products. 

Van Isle Beauty Co. is Canada’s only authorized distributor of InLei® products. We brought them to Canada because we were so thrilled at the results, and our mission is to spread the word that better beauty is possible.

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