Van Isle Beauty Co.

Lash Pillow


Keeping your clients comfortable is important but how about your own comfort?
Give your back and neck a much needed rest and get your lash supplies up high and closer to you with this specially designed Lash Application Pillow.

  • Ergonomic memory foam is non-allergenic and non-toxic while keeping your client's head comfortably cushioned and centered for stress free lashing.

  • 12cm height means all your lash supplies are within easy reach and right next to your client's head.

  • 2 Large flat surfaces for your lash tile and other supplies - perfect for left or right handed lash techs.

  • 5 Pockets provide plenty of storage for lash tweezers, disposables or lash trays.

  • Leather style cover is a breeze to wipe down or simply open the zipper to wash the removable cover separately.

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