Van Isle Beauty Co.

Glue-be-Gone | Tweezer Cleaner

Colour: Yellow/Orange

This is a must-have for all lash artists, masters or newbies. The sponge balls in this solution are perfect for taking any bits of glue that may appear on your tweezers that cause you the inability to pick up lashes or if the lashes stick to the tweezer.

How To Use:

  • open the lid and squeeze your tweezers into the ball over and over again. This rough texture will take off the glue quickly.
  • For larger amounts of dried adhesive, you can let them soak for a few minutes.

A must-have for volume lashing for any tiny speck of glue (that you may not even see) will inhibit you from picking up those tiny lashes properly to create the perfect fans!

Please note: This is not for disinfecting or sanitizing your tweezers. It is meant to remove dried-on adhesive so that your tweezers grip properly. Please check your requirements for sanitizing or disinfecting your tweezers.

Volume: 10ml

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