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Volume Eyelash Extension Kit

Type of Curl:
Lash Length:

An excellent kit for experienced classic lash artists who would like to step up their lash game. This kit has everything you need to get started in the beautiful, fluffy world of volume or mega-volume lashing. This kit should get you through 20+ clients.

Customize your kit with the following options: 

  1. Your choice of Curl type C, CC or D Curl (remember the curlier you start with, the more challenging it may be)
  2. Your preference of 4 cases of lashes in either (8,10,12,14mm) or (9,11,13,15mm) lengths with 16 lines in each case. These lashes come with foil backing for easy removal off of the lash pallet.
  3. Your choice of colour and type of professional tweezers. You will receive three in total - One isolation tweezer and two different types of volume tweezers. All 'Pro Lash Line' tweezers are of high quality with precision closure. Each tweezer has its preferred "sweet spot" which you will find. We personally test each tweezer before packaging to ensure they perform correctly. 

White Tweezer Set has the following Tweezers- Maui, Bora Bora and Tahiti

Black Tweezer Set has the following Tweezers - Maui, Aruba and Santorini

Gold Tweezer Set has the following Tweezers - Kaui, Antiqua and Santorini

Each Volume Kit Comes with:

  • Three Tweezers (One isolation & Two Volume)
  • Four Cases of Lashes 
  • Ultimate Bond Adhesive (2-3 sec. drying time)
  • Prep Me Up - Lash Primer
  • Gold or Black Scissors
  • Gold or Black Large Lash Mirror
  • Glass Tile for Lash Strips
  • Adhesive Pallet
  • (100) Blooming Cups - Adhesive Holder
  • Micropore Lash Tape
  • 25 Eye Pads
  • 50 Mascara Wands
  • Convenient Lash Case

Add a mannequin head and practice lashes for $24.99

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