Guide on how to do a lash lift, Step-by-Step using InLei® Lash Filler

InLei® Lash Filler ( Lash Lift and Tint )

InLei® Lash Filler (Lift) is a highly effective system designed to lift, curl and drastically improve the health and conditions of the natural lashes. 

Features of the Lash Filler:

  • This is a delicate solution designed to preserve the health and integrity of the lashes while giving them a lift and gorgeous curl.

  • Delicate yet high-quality and long-lasting tinting of eyelashes and brows with a unique gentle developer created with a 1.5% oxidant.

  • Lash Filler ensures average eyelash density of up to 24% in diameter, as well as repairing the structure and root of the hairs.

  • All products have undergone clinical testing and exceed European requirements. 100% Made in Italy! The whole InLei® collection is created and made in Italy by the top specialists.

The treatment was created to protect, reinforce, improve and render more beautiful natural eyelashes. The only treatment in the world clinically proven to thicken the hair, increasing thickness by an average 24% in just three sessions.

Lash Filler is a revolutionary serum, which not only affects the thickness of the existing hair but also stimulates the root and proliferation of keratin. Application is simple and safe and the overall treatment lasts about 1 hour.

The special InLei® shields, are designed specifically for every type of eye and eyelash to customize the proper look and grow out for each client.



1- Analyze the client’s eyes and natural lashes to choose the correct shield for the desired effect on that specific eye shape.

  • If the client has very straight or down-ward pointing lashes always reach for the Dolly Shields. These give more of a lift in the belly of the lash, giving those straight lashes a great curl but even more important a better grow out!
  • If your client has a slight curl to the lashes already, reach for the Natural Shields. These give a lift at the root of the lash.

  • The lashes should reach about 70-80% of the way up the shield. If they go past this reach for a larger size, and if they do not reach this mark, choose a smaller shield.

Carefully check the eye area: the eyes must be healthy, without make-up and without any irritation of the eye or eyelid. The lashes must be over 6mm and healthy.

2- Cleanse the lashes and the entire eye area (under eye and eyelid) with InLei® Foaming Mousse. Our mousse has a pH of 5-6 which is neutral to not disrupt the natural pH of the hair. They come in 3 different scents and wholesale pricing for display packages. Rose, Aloe and Avena. Great for resell for your clients and can be used as a face-wash as well as lash and brow cleansers.

  • Dispense a pump of the InLei® Foaming Mousse Cleanser into the InLei® Solo bowl.
  • With a Softie (lip-wand), pick up a small amount of mousse. Apply it to the client’s eye in circular movements. Repeat this sequence until the lashes are completely clean. 
  • Rotate the client’s head toward the side of the eye you are working on, rinse the lashes with distilled water and dry them with a cotton pad or towel.
  • Repeat on the other eye.


3- Apply InLei® InPatch Disposable Eye Pads or InLei® Silicone Reusable Eye Pads to secure lower lashes and protect the skin under the eyes. 

  • If you are using the InLei® reusable pads, place a few drops of water on to the shiny side of the eye pads, this will help secure the pads to the skin. Then place it under the water line along the bottom lashes. 
  • Use the blunt end of the InLei® Fillering Tool to check that no inner or outer corner lashes are caught under the pads.


4- Prime the lashes with InLei® Saline Pretreatment.

Pour a few drops of  InLei® Saline Pretreatment into the InLei® Solo bowl, soak an InLei® Minions micro-brush and carefully spread the product overall lashes. If the client has thick eyelashes, use two micro-brushes to trap any hairs between the two brushes and cleanse more thoroughly.

5- Apply the InLei® Fixing Gel or InLei® LamiCa Gel (both water-soluble types of glue) on the shields you chose and place them on the upper lid of both eyes exactly 1mm from the root of the lash. 

  • Use the InLei® Fillering Lifting Tool to check that there is an exact millimetre of distance between the roots of the lashes and the shield. 
  • make sure they are symmetrical on both eyes.


6- Lift the lashes up on the shield using InLei® Fixing Gel or InLei® LamiCa and InLei® Fillering Tool to give the correct direction.

  • The Fixing Gel is faster drying. Great for thick or rigid lashes or if you prefer to work very fast.
  • The Lamica Gel is slower drying, great for those that want to take their time lifting the lashes.

Both have a strong hold, and our InLei® Solutions are designed to permeate through the gels and into the cuticle of the hair. Use just the right amount of glue to secure the lashes in place, not too much.

*If you are using a different brand of gel/glue we can not guarantee this for our solutions have not been tested on other brands. Be cautious, you may need to add more time for Form 1?

  • Place the gel on a small portion of the shield, roughly the width of the filling tool.
  • With the fillering tool, lift the lashes onto the shield to secure them.
  • Using the Helper or Helper 2.0, comb through the newly applied lashes
* Helper has 14 teeth for thicker lashes. Helper 2.0 has18 teeth for fine lashes
  • To press the lashes into the shield, run the blunt end of the helper along them.
  • Repeat with your helper tool teeth to really straighten the lashes.
If you need to repair an area or remove excess gel from your lashes, use a slightly dampened InLei® Softies (microfiber-tipped brush) to remove excess adhesive as needed. You must immediately dry with a dry Softie before applying more gel.

7- Using the InLei® Vincent cat-tongue brush, apply InLei® Form 1 (InLei®'s Step #1) 1mm from the roots of the lashes. This brush's thin, rounded bristles make it simple to apply product in the ideal location. Apply a small coating of product, being careful not to get any on the tips of the lashes. You will want the solution to be applied from 1mm from the lash line to about 1/2 of the way up the lashes. You must have the solution reach over the apex (where you want the majority of the curl to be).

Leave on for 6-14+ minutes depending on the structure and porosity of the hairs. 

Read the Structure and Porosity Blog HERE

8- Remove InLei® Form 1 with the InLei® Vincent brush, making sure not to run the product through the tips of the lashes.

9- Apply InLei® Fix 2 (InLei®’s Step #2); follow the same procedure as the previous one but apply Fix #2 a tiny bit wider and leave it on for half the time as step #1 plus one minute. (Ex: If Form 1 was on 10 mins, Fix 2 will be 6 mins)

If baby lashes or unruly eyelashes come off the shield, use a “spiderweb” of cotton to make the hair adhere. You can also use an old shield by cutting off the tops to place along the lash line to hold up those fallen lashes,.

10- Remove InLei® Fix 2 with the InLei® Vincent brush. 

11- Mix the InLei® Tint with InLei® Developer Cream 1.5% 5 vol in a ratio of 1:1 inside the InLei® Trio or Solo bowl. Mix with an InLei® Mr. Stick until it reaches a creamy consistency. (Usually 1-2 mins of mixing)

*InLei®® DEVELOPER is a 1.5% developer designed for use in the laminating process. This mild product, combined with InLei® tint (produced with Argan Oil), protects the hair's integrity and health following a chemical process. It nourishes them more than other drying tints on the market.

Apply the tint along the entire length of the lashes, from root to tip, using InLei® Michelangelo brush. Leave on for 6 to 12 minutes, depending on the type of hair. Usually the same amount of time as you placed Fix 2 on for.

The lower lashes can be tinted at this time or at the end of the treatment with the client sitting up.


12- Remove the tint with your Michelangelo Brush.

13- Apply InLei® Filler 3 (InLei®’s Step #3) using the InLei® Picasso Brush (Flat Bristle brush) to push and penetrate the product into the lashes. Use quick sweeping movements to clean any tint residue, while making sure the product completely penetrates. 

For an even more precise and clean work, it is advisable to brush the roots with an InLei® Softies or Minions microfiber-tip brush, soaked in InLei® Filler 3- making sure the follicle gets saturated with product.

14- Remove the shields with an InLei® Softies or q-tip soaked with water, rolling this under the shield to lift it up. Place the dirty shield directly into your InLei® Barolo dish with a pump of the foam wash and water, doing this as soon as you remove them will help avoid staining of the shields. 

Clean the entire eye area and lid to remove all residues of glue and comb the lashes with an InLei® F-Brush to separate and fluff the hairs out.

Show your clients their lashes in the mirror. Explain and demo how to apply InLei® Fashion Lash Aftercare.


1) To obtain a defined shape and be able to fashion it according to the customer's taste, use InLei® "FASHION LASH" FIXING FOR EYELASHES at the end of the treatment. Daily use is recommended as the product contains the ingredient "luminescence", which uses the luminescent properties of the vegetable phytocomplex of the mullein flower, it makes the hair shiny, vibrant, natural and soft to the touch. It protects against external elements and UV rays. It prolongs the beneficial effect of the filler and fixes it inside the hair. It can also be used before mascara.

2) To maintain an optimal and long-lasting result, we recommend the daily use of INLEI® MOUSSE. This prevents the product and the tint from washing out of the hair. It gently cleanses while keeping the scales of the hair clean and smooth. Moreover, the InLei® MOUSSE is a true wellness cocktail in the form of a refreshing mousse which gently cleanses the area around  the eyes, the eyelashes, the eyebrows and the whole face.

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