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InLei® Aftercare Cards | Brow Bomber | Lash Filler


Looking for a way to provide your clients with essential aftercare instructions for their lash filler or brow bomber treatment? Look no further! Introducing our Aftercare Cards, the perfect solution for your clients to take home.

Our Aftercare Cards are designed to ensure that your clients have all the information they need to maintain their stunning lashes or brows after their treatment. With clear and concise instructions, these cards will guide them through the necessary steps to keep their lashes or brows looking flawless.

By purchasing our Aftercare Cards, you can offer your clients a convenient and professional way to care for their lashes or brows at home. These cards serve as a reminder of the do's and don'ts, helping them avoid any potential damage or setbacks.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your client's post-treatment experience. Get our Aftercare Cards today and provide them with the knowledge and tools they need to make the most of their lash filler or brow bomber treatment.

Available in Brow Bomber package of 25 or 100

Available in Lash Filler package of 25 or 100

Or Available in one side Brow Bomber / other side Lash Filler package of 25 or 100



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