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Bali Lash Tweezer 45° Angle

Colour: Gold Plasma

Pro Lash Line, "Bali" 45 degree lash tweezer. These are 12 cm in length for comfort and have a 45° angle at the tip which is 5mm in length. Absolutely perfection for making fans. They could also be used for picking up and placing classic lashes. Made from premium quality stainless steel and have a precision tip closure to ease your grip.

  • Size: 12cm
  • Angle: 45° Angle
  • Colour: Plasma Gold

* Our white coated lash line is not able to be soaked in disinfection solutions or sprays. The strong chemicals will chip the coating and eventually wear them down. Instead, wash with antibacterial soap and water and dip the gold tips into your disinfection solution of choice. The gold tips are acetone friendly (for adhesive removal or Glue-be-gone); just don't soak the white handle coating.

*All tweezers are tested and verified before shipping out to make sure they perform perfectly for you!

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