InLei® ONLY1 | 4 Pairs S1-XL1 | Natural Curl


InLei® "ONLY1" - Silicone Shields - Natural Curl

In this mini shield kit, you will find 4 sizes of shields to curl natural lashes. The InLei® shields are non-deformable, resistant, soft, and smooth. You will be able to highlight from the smaller and shorter eyelashes to the thicker and longer ones. Includes 4 pairs of shields (specific right and left eye), in various sizes, for an impeccable curvature from the inside eye to the outside

Additional details:

  • PLATINUM silicone (one of a kind)
  • 100% autoclavable
  • 4 pair mix: S1, M1, L1, XL1

The shape completely envelops the client's eye without causing discomfort, pressure, or stinging. The shields can be used up to 15 times and only need to be replaced when they become very dark due to the repeated use of tints.

To Clean:

Wash the shield with detergent soap immediately after removing it from the eye, in order to guarantee their candid transparency for as long as possible.

100% Made in Italy

For professional use only

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