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Caicos Curved Lash Tweezer


Pro Lash Line Caicos curved tweezers. It pairs well with Turks pro-straight tweezers for a dynamic duo "Turks and Caicos"! 14 cm in length for comfort. Perfect for all types of lashing. The curvature helps to get those baby lashes isolated correctly with ease. You can use it to pick up classic lash extensions, or you may like them to make your hand-made fans! A Great universal lash tool specially designed with our soft-touch grip for the most comfort and control. This beautiful white coating is as stunning as the white beaches in Turks and Caicos. Made from premium quality stainless steel, these are lightweight to decrease hand fatigue and have precision tip closure to ease your grip.

  • Size: 14CM 
  • Angle: Semi-Curved
  • Colour: White handles with double-coated gold tip

Our white coated lash line is not able to be soaked in disinfection solutions or sprays. The strong chemicals will chip the coating and eventually wear them down. Instead, wash with antibacterial soap and water and dip the gold tips into your disinfection solution of choice. The gold tips are acetone friendly (for adhesive removal or Glue-be-gone); just don't soak the white handle coating.

*All tweezers are tested and verified before shipping out to make sure they perform perfectly for you!

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