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Prep Me Up | Lash Primer | Protein Remover


"Prep Me Up" Eyelash Primer/Degreaser is an essential tool used on natural lashes (NL) before the application of eyelash extensions. Our primer strips the NL of oils, protein and any residue to provide an optimal ph level for bonding the natural lash to the extension. It is water based, not alcohol based so it will not dry out the NL. It is necessary to ensure the best retention and eliminate any obstacles in the way of a successful attachment. Comes in a wonderful Lavender Scent or a yummy Banana Scent. We suggest using it after the Lash Fresh Foam Wash Bath!

How To Use:

  1. Wash the lashes with a scent-free, non-stinging foam wash with Organic Lashfresh Foam Wash (Neutral pH) to ensure the lashes and area are free from make-up or debris. Rinse with Distilled water.
  2. Put down the under-eye gel pads or tape onto the bottom lashes. Separating them from the top lashes to which you will be working.
  3. Put a small amount of primer onto two lint-free applicators or micro-brushes.
  4. Gently wipe from the base of the lid outwards over the natural lashes. Place primer on the top and bottom of every lash for you may apply on any side. Do not allow to leak into the clients eye. 
  5. Do not rinse off. 
  6. Start lashing!!

Ingredients: Water, PVP, Polyacrylate, ethanol, fragrance

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