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Foil Stickers for Lash Adhesive (10 sheets)


Disposable foil stickers to keep your jade stone or glue ring clean and save precious clean up time after every client appointment.
Simply apply one of the adhesive foil covers to your jade stone, crystal stone pallet, reusable glue ring or glue tray. Then add a drop of your favourite lash adhesive on to the sticker.
After the appointment simply peel the sticker off and dispose of it. Done!
No acetone, no scrubbing or scraping and no extra clean up time.

  • Aluminium foil surface keeps your glue cool.

  • Quick and easy to peel, apply and remove.

  • Waterproof & Flexible.

  • No cleaning required. Just peel and dispose.
    Sticker width: 2 cm
    Sticker quantity: 90 pc

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