InLei® Art Collection Set | Professional Brushes


"My lashes don't look any different than before!" 

Sound familiar? 

Too much product on a client's lashes can cause the solution to not penetrate the lash deep enough. This can cause the lift to fail! 

InLei® Set of Professional Brushes are distinctively designed to aid the precise application of tint, henna, InLei® F1, F2, & F3, and Brow Bomber L1, L2, & B3. This ensures that the perfect amount of product is applied to the lashes or brows, guaranteeing a great result!

Product Details:

  • Set Contains 3 x multifunctional brushes with unique tips

  • Vincent, Michelangelo, and Picasso brushes
  • Brush Handle: Birch Wood

  • Brush Fibre: Synthetic

  • Made in Italy

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