InLei® Brow & Lash Tint | Shiny Black


InLei's Eyebrow and Eyelash Tints: For Professional Use Only

Shiny Black - For use on lashes with the lash filler (lift) service or on its own. It can also be added to other brow colours to darken the look.

Must be used with InLei® Tint Developer for they were made to work in synergy with each other. The developer is 1.5% (instead of Canadian 3%) which is a much gentler formula for the hairs. It does not alter the pH of the hair or the structure.

  • are made from a gentle formula 
  • are suitable for tinting brow hairs and skin
  • do not cause damage to the hair follicle
  • have a deep colour and long-lasting effect

Comes in a variety of colour options, including light brown, brown, chestnut, shiny black, red, silver, cappuccino, blue night and sunshine. Consult the InLei® Colour Chart for blending and mixing tips. The multi-use tube allows for up to 100 treatments.

How to use:

  • Before applying the tint, clean the area with a saline pre-treatment to prime the brows.

  • Mix the tint in 1:1 proportions with InLei® Tint Developer in the mixing Solo Dish.

  • Apply on lashes for 8-12 minutes. (If using Lash Filler we recommend leaving it on for the same amount of time as Filler 1 in Step one.
  • Apply on brows using a brush - timing: 8-12 minutes.
  • Mix the tint with the
  • developer right before application. DO NOT mix and let it sit. The first 5 minutes is when the oxidization is the strongest. 

Product Details:

  • 15ml/0.53

  • Made in Italy

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