InLei® Lash Filler (Lash Lift) Live Webinar Online Training Session

InLei® Lash Filler (Lash Lift) Live Webinar Online Training Session

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InLei® Lash Filler is the cream of the crop of lash lift systems. Made in Italy and cherished globally, Lash Filler is the only product line that's proven to increase lash thickness by up to 25% and length by 9% after just three treatments. Furthermore, it provides consistent results without the use of banned or harmful ingredients. This means you and InLei® reliably deliver for your clients every time.

Our renowned InLei® Lash Filler training course is now available for online learning. The same high-quality instruction is provided through a LIVE virtual training course, allowing you to become InLei® certified from the comfort of your home. Utilizing a video meeting platform, ClickMeeting, our InLei®-certified trainers will teach you in real-time.

We've limited the number of spots to maintain personal and individual instruction. However, this means spots will fill up quickly. This course is suitable for both new and seasoned lash artists.

We will send you a Lash Filler manual to keep, and we will provide access to our live webinar training. You can purchase the course with or without a kit; the choice is yours. However, we recommend having the entire line of products for optimal results.

Each kit could yield up to $3500 in treatments—making it a worthwhile investment. This kit can provide approximately 30+ treatments.

The day starts at 8:00am PST, and your $699 course includes your kit.

The Course:

  • Lash Filler History

  • Hair Biochemistry and Chemical Action of the "Perm"

  • The chemical process involved in the "Cold Perm"

  • Lash Filler 25.9: Essential Information

  • Clinical testing of the Lash Filler treatment

  • InLei® Product Description

  • Treatment Procedure

  • Health and Safety


The Kit:

The kit contains the complete line of solutions and necessary accessories to perform the Lash Filler 25.9 treatment:

  • InLei® TOTAL 10- 10 pairs of different curlers
  • InLei® **LASH FORM 1-** perming solution made specifically for eyelashes
  • InLei® **LASH FIX 2-** fixing solution made specifically for eyelashes
  • InLei® **LASH FILLER 3-** nutrient-based eyelash filler
  • InLei® **LASH MOLECULAR 4-** molecular reconstruction for eyelashes 
  • InLei® **MOUSSE MAGICA-** professional shampoo for eyelashes and eyebrows
  • InLei® **SHINY BLACK-** black tint for eyelashes and eyebrows
  • InLei® **DEVELOPER CREAM 1,5% 5 Vol.-** oxidizing cream for tint
  • InLei® **FIXING GEL- water-soluble glue for eyelashes
  • InLei® **LEONARDO-** professional slant-cut brush
  • InLei® **HELPER*- eyelash alignment tool
  • InLei® **FILLERING-** multifunctional tool for eyelashes
  • InLei® **SOLO*- bowl for solutions or tint
  • MANUAL with instructions for use/warnings / (provided in 19 languages)


  • 100% Made In Italy 
  • Clinically proven results from efficacy tests 
  • 25% thickening in three sessions
  • 9% lengthening in three sessions
  • Contents: sufficient to perform approximately 30/35 treatments

To become certified, we have a detailed homework protocol. You will need to send in photographs of three models, following our exact criteria for how the photos should be taken and labelled. Once you have successfully submitted these models and they have been approved, you will receive your certification. Please note, you will have six weeks after the webinar to complete this.

A group chat on Telegram is established to monitor progress and ask questions. This is also the platform where you submit your homework.

10 spots are available. Please add yourself to the waitlist if this session shows as Sold Out!

*recording will be available for a limited time after course completion.

For more information regarding our course policies, please review our Terms and Conditions under the heading "TRAINING COURSES - TERMS & CONDITIONS."

Once purchased, courses are non-refundable.

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