InLei® LEONARDO | Professional Slim Fine-tip Angled Brush

InLei® LEONARDO brush is the lashstylists' dream. It is ideal for applying InLei® Form 1 and Fix 2 on the lashes. You will never be able to live without it again! Its tip creates a line of ideal width with the product, it is so precise it will look like a drawn line.
Guarantees a precise, perfect and impeccable application of the substances.

Product Details:
  • Water resistant

  • Brush Fibre: Synthetic 

  • Made in Italy 

Disinfection :

  • Wash the bristles with running water and neutral soap.
  • immerse the tip for 10-15 minutes in  InLei® F PLUS
  • rinse with water and dry very well with a cloth.

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