InLei® TIZIANO | Professional Straight Cut Brush

InLei® TIZIANO is a little straight cut brush designed to help every lashstylist to place the eyelashes on the shields for the Lash Filler treatment. The bristles of the brush have been developed to be semi-rigid, allowing them to be a delicate but efficient tool.

Have you ever longed to obtain a flawless lash lift in only a few minutes? Thanks to the Tiziano brush, it's now feasible!
The unique tip shape, medium hardness, and restricted flexibility of the bristles provide the lash stylist complete control throughout the precise eyelash alignment process.

The light birch wood handle is consistent with the complete InLei® series of brushes, and has been built to provide long life and resistance over time. The synthetic bristles have been engineered to provide the optimum level of user comfort. The twofold constriction of the nickel-plated brass ferrule offers optimum tip stiffness and maintains the tip's secure attachment to the handle over time.
  • Water resistant

  • Brush Fibre: Synthetic 

  • Made in Italy 

Disinfection :

  • Wash the bristles with running water and neutral soap.
  • immerse the tip for 10-15 minutes in  InLei® F PLUS
  • rinse with water and dry very well with a cloth.

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