InLei® F-Brush For Lash Filler Treatment | 12 pcs


InLei® F-Premium Brush - High quality micro combs specifically for use on eyelashes . Precision tip, soft bristles and flexible steel wire to line lashes gently yet very accurately. 

  • tip designed for comfortable and precise work
  • high quality nylon bristles with balanced length
  • soft grip
  • cap to protect the bristles and also convenient to extend the handle
  • soft stainless steel wire
  • one package contains: 12 pcs

How to Use:

  • eliminates those tiny residues/clumps of dye and/or water-soluble glue that could remain near the roots of the eyelashes at the end of the Lash Filler treatment
  • comb the eyelashes after the Lash Filler treatment to divide them meticulously from each other and open up the gaze in an incomparable way
  • align the lashes by placing them in the desired position

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