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Frida - All-in-one mascara

Finally a specific mascara for eyelash extensions and for use after the 'Lash Filler' Treatment.

Reseller Pricing Available - ‘look here’ or under wholesale (9-piece display for $180) Suggested Retail for $40-45 each.

After numerous insights and long studies, InLei® Frida has arrived! We have been pushed towards the creation of this everyday product, after a lot of requests from our followers who had been looking for a long time for a reliable and functional product, easily removable and compatible with our beloved eyelash extensions and Lash Filler treatment.

  • It is simple to wash away, a little warm water under the shower is enough. It isn’t necessary to rub with aggressive makeup removal products! Just wash your eyes with warm water and InLei® Mousse (gentle and oil free). Remember that oily products deeply affect the curvature obtained with Lash Filler, and they ruin eyelash extensions.
  • It nourishes and restores your natural eyelashes thanks to the key ingredient Keratrix™. • Formulation based on the natural wax of Candelilla, a flowering plant native to Texas and Mexico.
  • It is specially designed as an aftercare treatment for LASH FILLER. It can be used after a couple of hours to emphasize the look even more!
  • It took 3 years of research but this mascara covers 2 battlefields: eyelash extension and lamination!

All this in a simple eyelash mascara for daily use! It protects your eyelashes and keeps them perfect, exactly as you want! Made in Italy. Available in displays of 9 pieces for resale. 

  • Content: 8 ml 

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