Island Henna

Island Henna - Brow Oil | 5 pcs Wholesale


**This is our Wholesale 5 piece product. For individual, click here**

Our Island Henna Brow Oil is the perfect companion to our Island Henna tints.

Use on your brows after tinting or henna to enhance and preserve the colour. With natural ingredients like jojoba and almond oil for repair, wheat germ oil for thickness, and castor oil for strengthening, along with Vitamins A and E. Island Henna Brow Oil is packed with nutrients that repair damaged hair. You'll notice the difference after just one week! 

Benefits of Island Henna Brow Oil

  • Allows you to keep the henna tint for longer when colouring eyebrows
  • The shade after staining with henna becomes more saturated
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the hair

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