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Glue Wipes | Lash nozzle wipes


These handy cleaning wipes keeps your lash glue nozzle working like new and avoids any sticking lids while wiping away glue residue with these lint free

Place lint free tissue on the opened adhesive nozzle and then shake it. If you shake adhesive with the lid on, it will cause the adhesive residue build around it which will prevent bottle from closing tightly. Then air and humidity will find  the way in the bottle and ruin the lash adhesive.

Say goodbye to crusty and blocked glue nozzles with this indispensable care kit, a must-have for all lash techs.

Note: Glue Wipes are meant to be used dry. Moisture cures glue. If we use a moisture-dense cloth on our glue bottles, it will actually cure the glue onto the bottle.

  • Each lint free wipe measures 50mm by 50mm

  • 170 Lint free adhesive nozzle wipes included in a compact storage box

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