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Light Lashes® Lash Primer | Peach Scent | 15ml


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Light Lashes® PESCA PRIMER is an alcoholic solution developed in Italy to degrease eyelashes and brows with extreme ease. Prepare the hair for treatments by eliminating any residual sebum, make-up, oily products and / or creamy treatments from the surface. It also acts as a booster for the glue, speeding up drying.

  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Primer + BOOSTER
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Scent of Peach
  • Bottle with dropper
  • Pack in frosted glass: precious and safe
  • Content: 15 ml

How many times have you had problems with eyelash extensions sealing? Synthetic hair that comes off after a very short time, glue that does not adhere well, low-performance products that do not degrease deeply ... forget about all this! Choose the Light Lashes primers to ensure the client a perfect and lasting treatment, proof of the lash master.


The Light Lashes® Peach Primer catapults your mind into the hottest months of the year, thanks to its sensual fruity notes that envelop you like a whirlwind. It is fresh and lively, it will certainly put the customer in a good mood! Achieving perfect cohesion during eyelash extension treatments has never been easier. Its elaborate formula is able to penetrate the cuticle, slightly lifting the hair scales. This means that during use you go to thoroughly clean every part of the hair, preparing the ground for the glue to cling better (which is inserted directly into the scales). The result? An estate never seen before! The formulation has been dermatologically tested and subjected to eye irritation tests: a guarantee for you and your customers, who know they are relying on a safe and certified product. The percentage of alcohol contained is correct and safe to ensure that you get a hair so clean that you can hear it "crack". We recommend that you also try using it on synthetic lashes to get rid of any tiny specks of dust that might hinder your work.

Also available in the fragrances Fico , Melograno and in the Fantasy version , alcohol-free.

Try the complete AROMATHERAPY PRIMERS set to offer your customers a real aromatherapy experience during treatments!

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