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Light lashes primer pomegranate | 5ml


Light Lashes® AROMATHERAPY PRIMERS is the complete set of our Made in Italy primers, with which you can give the client a perfectly executed treatment that becomes almost an aromatherapy session! Includes: Fig Primer, Pomegranate Primer, Peach Primer and Fantasy Primer.

  • 100% Made in Italy
  • 3 alcoholic solutions + 1 alcohol-free
  • Primer + BOOSTER
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Bottle with dropper
  • Pack in frosted glass: precious and safe
  • Content: 4 pcs x 15 ml

How many times have you had problems with eyelash extensions sealing? Synthetic hairs that come off after a very short time, glue that does not adhere well, low quality products that do not degrease deeply… forget about all this! Choose the Light Lashes primers to ensure the client a perfect and lasting treatment, proof of the lash master.


The one that best suits your needs! In general, all four fragrances ensure perfect cohesion, thanks to the innovative formula produced in collaboration with the most advanced Italian research laboratories. 

The molecules penetrate deeply into the hair scales, cleaning every part of it in the best possible way. In this way the glue penetrates deeply and clings better to the hair to guarantee perfect cohesion. 

The Primers with Fig, Pomegranate and Peach primers are alcoholic solutions, which we recommend that you also try to use on synthetic eyelashes to eliminate every tiny speck of dust that could hinder your work. The percentage of alcohol contained is minimal, but sufficient to ensure that you get a hair so clean that you can hear it "crack". 

Fantasy primer, on the other hand, is a very delicate solution that uses the degreasing power of salt to work without problems even on the most delicate eyes. After years of testing we have found the perfect composition, which helps to prepare eyelashes and eyebrows in an excellent way even without the presence of alcohol. 

Take advantage of the complete set to give your clients a real aromatherapy experience during treatments in your studio! With each retouching of the lashes they will be able to savour a new perfume or always choose their favourite, one thing is certain: they will immerse themselves in a cloud of aroma that will make them relax from any tension. which helps to prepare eyelashes and eyebrows in an excellent way even without the presence of alcohol. 

The 4 primers of the set ( Fig , Peach , Pomegranate , Fantasy ) can also be purchased individually.

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