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Aruba Volume Lash Tweezers


Pro Lash Line Aruba volume tweezers have a slightly rounded boot and a long thin neck, perfect for the "Shimmy" or "Rocking" volume technique where you can rock the tweezers back and forth to open up the fans. These are ideal for making smaller dimension volume fans (2D-6D) or picking up our pro-made fans. Great for beginner-volume artists to advanced lash artists. Mermaid style for a non-slip grip works wonders for making fans with this style of tweezer. Made from premium quality anti-static stainless steel, these are lightweight to decrease hand fatigue and have precision tip closure to ease your grip.

"Sweet Spot": large sweet spot located more at the tip of the tweezer. 

Size: 11.5CM 

Angle: 25° Angle heavy duty tip

Colour: Plasma Black

*All plasma black-coated tweezers are 100% autoclavable, can be submerged in disinfection cleaning solutions and acetone friendly. 

**All tweezers are tested and verified before shipping out to make sure they perform perfectly for you!

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