Luxe Bond Lash Adhesive | 0.5 Sec Drying Time | 5ml

Luxe Bond Lash Adhesive | 0.5 Sec Drying Time | 5ml

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Our most luxury, elite, fast drying adhesive with the strongest hold. Luxe Bond takes .05 seconds to dry with a strong bond that lasts up to 8+weeks. Specially designed for highly skilled lash artists. Suitable for 3D-20D volume/Mega volume. The Adhesive does not whisk up the fans. Great for those who need a quicker drying adhesive.

It is recommended for Professional Use Only.
Use with our “Get your Bond on” super adhesive bond curing serum, which increases retention 30% longer and stronger!

*Please note that because it is 0.5 second drying time, you have to be an experienced lash artist that is extremely fast in your application. Watch your application time to ensure there is no lingering around, especially for volume or mega volume applications. This adhesive may be too fast for this type of service. If your room is warm and high humidity, this adhesive could cure extremely fast, resulting in less retention. In this circumstance, please use a slower drying adhesive. The opposite with Low humidity or too cold, the adhesive will take longer to dry. May act like a 1-2 second drying time.

Drying Time – 0.5 second
Colour – Black
Size – 5ml 
Fumes – Low
Consistency – thin
Shelf Life Unopened - 3 months. Opened - 1 month (The shelf life is shorter with faster drying adhesive then other adhesives.

-Optimal humidity is between 50%-60%.

-Optimal temperature is between 15-20 Degrees.

Note: Keep the adhesive standing upwards in a 'Glue Home' and store in the refrigerator (3ºC). Take our 1 hour before use.

Ingredients: Ethyl Cyanoacrylarte, PMMA, Hydroquinone and Carbon Black

Important – This Glue should only be applied by a Qualified Eyelash Extension Artist (not for self-application)

**IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER** Please only purchase our professional eyelash extension adhesive if you have had the proper training in the technique to apply single-strand eyelash extensions. All of our eyelash extension glues are to be used by trained professionals only. Under no circumstance, professional eyelash adhesive can be used on yourself. We are not responsible for the misuse of our eyelash extension glue. You are solely responsible for the product once you purchase it from us. Performance and results of eyelash adhesive vary from person to person depending on room climate, temperature and client. You must know how to avoid irritation and inflammation if it occurs. MSDS is available upon request. Please know that your safety is our utmost concern.

Patch Test
For the first time, patch test your clients 24 hours before their treatment. Apply 5 shorter extensions through the lash line per both eyes, and wait for 24 hours. If no irritation, adhesive can be used in a full application. The patch test does not guarantee 100% suitability due to the more significant amount of glue used in a complete application.

How to Store
Once opened, store in a cool, dry room in your glue home with silica packs or a container with rice. Keep glue bottle tightly closed in an upright position. Shelf life is a maximum 8 weeks since the bottle was opened. Write the date on the bottle. We only sell 5ml options because of this. You want to SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE.

How to Shake

  • Remove the adhesive cap and place a lint-free glue wipe to cover the top of the bottle. If you shake adhesive with the lid on, it can cause a build-up of sticky residue around it, which will prevent the bottle from closing tightly; air and humidity will find the way in the bottle and ruin the lash adhesive.
  • Before first use, shake the bottle from 30 to 60 seconds. Before each new drop of eyelash adhesive within the same session, shake the bottle for 20 seconds to mix the pigment in the glue to maintain the right consistency.

How to Achieve Best Results and Long Retention?

If humidity is below the recommended percent, use only a tiny amount of adhesive. If humidity is higher than recommended, use slightly more adhesive.

Before applying the eyelash extensions, always cleanse natural lashes as well as you can. Use Lashfresh foam wash to clean up off any makeup residue, then follow with our primer. After your set is complete, you can use the "Get your Bond On" retention sealer! Retain 30% more retention.

**Lash Tricks: How to Maintain the Exceptional Qualities of Glue Over Time!**

1. **Shake** the bottle for approximately 15 seconds before each use.
2. Apply a drop on a **jade stone** to maintain its structure for longer. Alternatively, consider using a **glue ring**. This allows you to reduce application times by always having glue within reach.
3. To avoid waste, don't add more glue to the drop that you've already taken from the bottle. The contact between fresh glue and the already polymerized one could compromise your work.
4. Changing the glue drop **after about 20-25 minutes is highly recommended.**
5. **Close** the cap carefully and clean the nozzle after each use. Consider using special **glue wipes for this**.

This glue can be used for both volume and classic techniques.

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