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Nano Misters

Colour: Pink

This amazing Nano Mister sprays a very fine mist. Adding a very small amount of moisture to your client's lashes after you have finished application will help the glue slowly cure. Nano Misters are also great to use with Henna application. Keeping the henna moist during the application will ensure that the henna is penetrating evenly and properly onto the hairs and the bio tattoo staining effect on the skin.

Tests have shown that the lash glue can still be soft even after hours which means that any particles, water, protein, oils can break down the bond immediately while tests with the Nano Mister have shown that the bond seals and cures a lot faster thus creating a lasting bond which will help protect the lashes (oil based products still need to be avoided) and lash artists who already offer this as part of the treatment have confirmed the difference it makes.

Be careful not to get too close to the eyes when you are misting - staying at least 30 cm from your target. This Nano Mister is rechargeable via USB cable which makes it a very handy tool to have in your kit.


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