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Plastic transpore tape


Transpore tape for eyelash extensions is ideal for stretching the eye area to lift your client's upper lashes allowing you easy access to their inner corner lashes.
This plastic surgical tape has strong adhesion (it's stickier than 3M Micropore paper tape) yet removes with minimal discomfort at the end of a lash session.
Transpore medical tape is specially designed to be gentle on your client's skin yet it adheres very well. This ensures it stays put during the entire appointment while leaving minimal adhesive residue after removing.
Perfect for use over the top of eye pads hanks to it's excellent "stick".

Transparent & Water-resistant

  • Latex Free & Hypoallergenic (Perfect for Sensitive Clients)

  • Gentle on Skin & Perforated for Excellent Breathability

  • Easy to Use While Wearing Gloves

  • Width: 12.5mm (1/2 inch)

Pro tip: If you find this Transpore tape is too sticky, simply apply it to the back of your clean hand first before removing and applying it to your client's skin.

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