Nicole Bembridge - Dec 7 2022

Importance of Aftercare

Aftercare is quite often overlooked in the beauty industry. Clients think that once they pay for a service, that’s it. It's done and looks great. They are happy with the outcome when they leave, so they think that they don’t need anything else. If you try to talk to them afterwards, they really are not listening, they are looking at their new lashes or brows and thinking you’re just telling them a sales pitch.

The most important time to talk to a client is during the service. Explain to them what it is that you are doing. Whether it is a lamination, lash lift, lash extensions, hair removal, etc. You want your client to be happy with the outcome as time goes on. Aftercare is AFTER-CARE. It's called this because they have to care for their new treaty area once they get home. This will protect and prolong the treatment with benefits created to the area of the body where the service was done. 

The 5 W's & the H of Selling!

At Van Isle Beauty Co. We teach our students and service providers the importance of Aftercare and the proper time to discuss it. We in-still the 5W's and the H! Basic questions and answers for relaying information. Its crucial for YOU to know ALL these answers to educate your clients on the service you just provided!

WHO - Who needs it?
Every client who receives these services.

WHAT - What is the process you just received? Is it invasive? Does it use Chemicals? What is the risk for allergies or thin skin? What does this treatment do to the lashes or brows? What is the correct aftercare?

WHEN - When do you need to start the aftercare regimen, and how many times a day? When do you discuss how to look after the treated area afterwards?
(While doing the treatment, Not after).

WHERE - Where do you apply it, and in what area can it be used ex: brows and lashes. Is it safe with other procedures or lash extensions etc.

WHY - Why do you need this aftercare? What does it do to help nourish and protect? 

HOW - How does this work, and what would happen if you didn’t use the proper aftercare?

Examples of a Service and When to Discuss?

When doing a brow lamination or lash lift, you are doing a chemical process. You should explain exactly what you are doing to the client as you put on each solution. Step one is a ‘Cold Perm’; it’s breaking down the disulphide bonds within your hair, allowing them to be free agents which can mould into the correct placement we want them to be in. Step two will now lock these hairs into our chosen position by forming new disulphide bonds. While these steps are processing, explain the aftercare steps they need to follow once they leave your studio. Then apply tint and the final step 3; this step helps add nourishment to the treated hair.

 Once the client understands the chemical process of this treatment, they will understand the importance of hydrating their newly treated hair. For laminations and lifts, we suggest InLei® Fashion Lash. Fashion Lash was created especially for these services for its highly nourishing, moisturizing and emollient properties. It's like putting conditioner on your hair after a colour treatment. If you don’t, your hair will get dry, fuzzy and unruly. Same for your newly treated brow or lash hairs. Fashion lash has aloe, hydrogenated castor oil and panthenol to nourish and protect the hair internally and outside from external factors. It has luminescent properties to keep your lashes shiny and enhance the longevity of the service. It also helps the tint last longer on the hair and skin. Once the client knows the importance of this, they will now have zero problems purchasing the correct aftercare as a take-home treatment. They are spending good money on these services; why wouldn’t they want it to last as long as possible? 

Every aftercare has been made specifically for a particular treatment.
Its up to you to EDUCATE your clients.