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The Magical Trio. This revolutionary product has been entirely structured, tested and produced in Italy. The LASH FILLER® treatment guarantees an average natural hair thickening by up to 24% in three treatments. It has been demonstrated and affirmed by the clinical test carried out at the Research Institute of Milan. All While giving the client a lift and curl that will continue to keep the health of the client's lashes.

The original formula of In Lei® "FILLER 3" allows the microparticles of the filler to penetrate into the hair delicately, binding to the keratin fibres of the hair itself. Thanks to the "Three Regeneration" complex and the adequate preparation of the lashes with In Lei® "FORM 1" and In Lei® "FIX 2", it guarantees a stable result and highly effective nourishment and thickening, giving new silkiness to the lashes. The LASH FILLER® treatment can reach the hair bulb, nourish them and work on the hair bulb's structure in the following months after the treatment. 

This Trio Set should give you around 30 treatments. 

How To Use:

1. Clean and prep the lashes with InLei Mousse and Saline Pre-Treatment

2. Lift the lashes onto the chosen shield with the help of the Fillering Tool, Helper, Helper 2.0 and Fixing Gel or Lamica Gel

3. Take a small scoop out of Form 1 with a Mister Fix Scoop (one comes in every box of tint)

4. Apply Form 1 in a perfect linear line across the lashes with the Vincent Brush. Allow setting correct time. Thin 6-8 min | Med 8-10 min | Thick 10-12 min | Ridgid 12-14 min

5. Remove with the Dry Vincent Brush

6. Apply Fix 2 the same way as Form 1 but set it for half the time of Form 1 plus one minute. Remove with Vincient Brush.

7. Mix your chosen tint colour with InLei® Developer 1.5% volume. Delicate solutions for a lamination procedure. Our Favourite Colours for lifts are InLei® Shiny Black | Blue Night | and Brown. Please apply with the Michealangelo Brush and set it for the same time as Fix 2.

8. Remove ALL tints with the Michealangelo Brush and Softies.

9. Apply Filler 3 With the Picasso brush with slight force throughout each lash and root of each lash. This product needs to be penetrated into each lash to receive the famous benefits of the thickening agents and nutrients. 

10. Brush out with the F-Brush to fan out the lashes after the procedure.

11. Show the client how to use the final at-home conditioning treatment, InLei® Fashion Lash.

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